#106 How to achieve mastery and have enough confidence to believe in yourself with ANTHONY IANNARINO

Anthony Iannarino

Anthony is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. He posts daily sales tips and insights to The Sales Blog. is an international speaker, bestselling author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. He posts daily sales tips and insights to The Sales Blog.

Anthony is a successful salesman and writer who discusses in this podcast the importance to have a strong grind and work ethic. He shares how he changed his alarm clock from 6:30 to 5:00 and the importance of waking up and starting your day early. Stefan and Anthony talk about writing books and how they feel about expressing themselves through it. They discuss big writers like J.K. Rowling and (lord of the rings author). Anthony talks about how he doesn’t believe in writer’s block and how to get past that. He stresses having a purpose in life and having to be more than normal. He talks about how his first book started with talking about self-discipline and how that was a risk since people hate self-discipline. This podcast has a great range of information on how to write a book to achieve self-fulfillment.

Podcast Summary:

0:0 –  Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

10:00 – Anthony talks about starting a blog

11:30 – Anthony talks about waking up at 5:00 am and the purpose to this and the grind

15:10 – Anthony talks about how he wrote 5,000 words on a flight

15:40 – “people with money love reading16:10Do you find writing in the morning is better?

16:50 – “we write the book that we need”

18:25 – I don’t accept writer’s block ~ Anthony talks about how to not have writer’s block

20:15 – Stefan talks about an 8-th mile and how Eminem said things that dissed him but it freed him

22:10 – the post you’re afraid to post is the post you post

24:30 – discusses government

26:50 – talks about haters and how hard times came out and there is no haters

27:10 – is fear telling you where to go next

29:40 – “whole world is covered in wealth but is not spread out evenly

30:05 – the only way to make money is to give value to other people

31:30 – Stefan and Anthony discuss why there is a need for life coaching compared to our parents and grandparents

33:10 – “loss of religion”

33:55 – “it’s cool to be an old school”34:50:00why would you write about self-discipline… no one likes self-discipline

36:05 – sales is something everyone needs

36:35 – “science tells you what the truth is”

37:20 – Anthony compares science to sales

39:00 – “can’t escape human nature

39:50 – “there is something special about the human body”

40:10 – “no human has or can reach their full potential”

42:10 – Stefan and Anthony plugin Anthonys book

43:10 – Anthony talks about publishers

46:00 – a piece of advice for young Anthony

46:40 – Stefan talks about his advice for young self

47:15  – Anthony’s three favorite books

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