#97 How to use grit and discipline to achieve success with CHAD HOWSE

Chad Howse

“To succeed you need grit and discipline!

Chad Howse is the author of the Man Diet and an expert in helping men naturally increase testosterone levels. He’s the founder of Average2Alpha.com, as well as the author of The Lost Art of Discipline

Podcast Summary:

1:35 – Answer to why teaching men about fitness and testosterone

3:20 – Don’t want equality, you want equity

4:00 – the reason for girls and guys not being in the same league (boxing)

8:00 – difficulties of creating your own business

11:00 – lost art of discipline

13:00 – “have a crappy day, can let yourself go. Or be disciplined and be productive that day.”

14:45 – to get better you have to have the discipline to be better then you were

18:30 – “getting what you want/getting things given to you”

20:30 – How testosterone is declining

21:20 – low test causes depression/talk on depression

23:20 – not waking up with a boner low test

26:00 – how to check for testosterone

27:30 – discusses men not eating no meat

30:45 – 1000 years ago you can’t be fat.. “unnatural human state”

33:35 – discusses mothers and feminism

34:50 – average guy goes on date… he pays. brings up points

39:40 – the man diet-chads book

40:20 – chad would tell teenager self not to go to college and find one thing

42:20 – Stefan discusses good courses

43:05 – discuss together philosophy

45:05 – what Chad did after school

46:00 – “failure is not bad, its a blessing”

49:15 – “people with more get more, with people with less, get less”

51:05 – discusses the education system


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