Special Book Bundle

Last week we had a very special guest on the show, John Haime. If you missed the episode make sure you check it out. Here it is again:

Every great business person that’s ever lived knew what it meant to be a high performer and last week John and I dissected what it took to achieve the level of performance needed to succeed in today’s world. We talked about a lot of things, self awareness, belief, team building, and as a follow up to such an incredible episode we came together to give you a special bundle on two books that will change your life!

For a limited time only (We mean it, this deal is going away on Friday, December 14th and never coming back) you can get, Self Made, together with John’s best selling book, You Are a Contender in a special ebook offer!

In this bundle you’re going to learn how I got started in real estate and became a self made millionaire by 28 years old. I’m going to teach you the process that I used to dominate my home market in my 20s, starting with only $1,200.

In You Are a Contender, John will teach you how to maximize your performance, build a team, self audit and a hundred other things that I wish I knew before I got started.

If you want to crush it in business or real estate, this is the package for you.

For the average investor this bundle is worth thousands and for some it’s worth millions, but this week only we’re going to give it to you for the special price of $3.95. No shipping, no fees. Just $3.95 and you’ll get both books today.

This page will be up until Friday, December 14th and after that it will be gone forever so grab this special bundle today!